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Live Your Best Life

An Honest Films Production

Director: Nathan Rich
Director of Photography: Sean Waldron
Producer: Chris Walsh
Producer/Location Scout: Maureen McCauley
Gaffer: Bear Aldrich
AC: Mac Kozi
Editor: Sean Waldron
Colorist: Parker Jarvie, Company 3
Sound Design: Jack Roberts

Medical videos are at their best when they go beyond the operating room and into the real lives of patients. Honest Films produced this short film that tells the story of Anna, a teacher, triathlete and Cochlear implant recipient over several days in Chicago. We partnered with the client to develop the concept, we storyboarded the script, secured film permits and locations and then traveled with our crew to Chicago. We filmed for 2 days on our RED camera and cinema lens package and completed the final edit in house at Honest Films in Broomfield, CO. Color correction was completed by Parker Jarvie at Company 3.

Director: Nate Rich
DP/Editor: Sean Waldron
Colorist: Parker Jarvie / Company 3
Sound Design: Jack Roberts