Honest Films
Story Driven Business Videos
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Your next marketing video can be your best one yet

Honest Films is a video production company that helps companies turn their marketing messages into engaging business videos by combining cinematic quality production with powerful, authentic storytelling.

Great businesses are full of POWERFUL stories

These stories can change customers feelings and drive revenue. Unfortunately, they often go untold. We help companies unlock the power of their stories with short videos and animations about the people behind their brand, the work they do and the people they serve. These videos give heart and soul to their business and transform them into a brand that customers care more deeply about. It all starts with our StoryBrief.

Turn your stories into great video

Creating video for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re a production company that makes things simple.

  1. Fill out the Honest Films StoryBriEF.

    This is the starting point for every project. It helps us to clearly define the challenge, identify your audience and what matters to them, and create a roadmap for the journey ahead.

  2. Choose the concept.

    Working from the StoryBrief, we’ll create 3 high-level concepts to achieve your objectives. We’ll give you something safe, something a little different, and something special. For some ideas, check out our films and motion graphics pages.

  3. Set milestones and get to work.

    We’ll set milestones for pre-production, production and post-production that line up with your goals. We’ll sort through location and scheduling logistics, and create the production plan for your marketing video. Then, it’s showtime.


1. This is not about us, so we’ll start by listening. You know what you’re up against and where you’d like to go. We’d like to hear about it.
2. We can spot a good story from a distance. We’ll save you time and money by guiding you to your best story from the start.
3. Your film will be beautifully shot and edited. We don’t consider high-quality a value add. We consider it a requirement.
4. We’ll be bold and honest when it comes to what’s best for your business video, but it’s not a competition. What you want always comes first with us.
5. Your audience will be taken on a journey and inspired to action.
6. We will serve you with gratitude and charity. We love this work, and you allow us to do it. We never forget that.

You have made your last ignorable, ineffective, boring marketing video. Complete the Honest Films StoryBrief and

let’s get to work.