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Honest Films StoryBrief

Creating a marketing video that connects with customers can be easy. The Honest Films StoryBrief clarifies the next steps to creating a great video for your business.

Take a few minutes to fill out the Honest Films StoryBrief. This is the first step toward creating beautiful, memorable content that will connect with your audience, give them a reason to care about what you make and do, and drive them to action.

What's your company called and what do you do?
Please share as much information as you'd like. We love to listen.
This could be anything from a lack of awareness to confusion about your marketing message.
Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine their real struggle, not the one that conforms neatly to your solution.
Accomplishing just one thing can be very powerful. Consider your goals and then decide, if you could convince your audience of just one thing, what would it be?
How much will this cost?
Budget is an important consideration in the success of any effort. What can you tell us about the budget for this project? Our project rates begin at $5,000.
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