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Honest Films StoryBrief

Honest Films is a Denver based video production company creating marketing video for web and television. We work throughout the Rocky Mountain region and across the United States.

Take a few minutes to fill out the Honest Films StoryBrief. This is the first step to creating beautiful, memorable content that will connect with your audience, give them a reason to care about what you make and do, and drive them to action.

Tell us about yourself.
Help us get to know more about you and the challenges you’re facing.
What's your name? *
What's your name?
Real names, aliases, @twitter handles, nicknames from college all accepted.
Who do you need to reach?
Considering your audience first and foremost will lead to a message they can connect with.
Which one of these best describes your audience?
Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine their real struggle, not the one that conforms neatly to your solution.
What do you need to say to them?
Now that we know who we're talking to, what should we say to them?
Try to be specific to this project. The narrower you can be, the more you'll succeed.
Accomplishing just one thing can be very powerful. Consider your goals and then decide, if you could convince your audience of just one thing, what would it be?
How will we know we've succeeded?
We believe in setting clear goals and then measuring ourselves against them.
How much will this cost?
Budget is an important consideration in the success of any effort. What can you tell us about the budget for this project? If you’re unsure or uncomfortable sharing, it’s okay. We can work it out together. We can scale our efforts to fit your budget and still get you to the finish line.

You're on your way to telling a great story that connects with your audience. If you have any questions or would like to speak immediately, contact us by phone at (720) 580-1217 or by email at info@honestfilms.com

We can’t wait to do this together.