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Stories from the Road Part 1

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We've been doing some great work around the country and wanted to share some updates. In just the past few months we've been to Orlando, Sioux Falls, Orange County and a tiny college town in Western Pennsylvania that is confusingly enough called "Indiana". In every one of these places, we've met really great people–all with their own stories that we're lucky enough to get to share. Traveling for a story really makes you feel like you're shooting a documentary film.

 Take me home, 737-800, to the place I belong.

Take me home, 737-800, to the place I belong.

You get that rush of knowing "I've only got 2 days to capture everything we need to tell this person's story." You can't just pop back over one afternoon and ask them to pronounce the name of the product the right way or tell us how they finally did get out of that well. For us, there's always a short list of things we have to get from someone about the product or service that's behind their story. But what we really love is sitting in the same room with them and listening for that peak in their voice that reveals what they really care about. I think being able to find that thread and then seeing how it connects to our customer can make some really great film. The most recent example is a guy in South Dakota who lost hearing in one of his ears, suddenly, overnight. He happens to be a hunter. If you hunt then you know there's really nothing like the experience of watching and especially hearing the world come alive in the pre-dawn hours on a hunt. Hearing how he lost the ability to experience that and then after taking a chance and conquering his fear got it back was really special. Everyone knows what it's like to lose something. And everyone can at least imagine the joy of getting it back. That happens to be all made possible by a product that our customer sells, but it's a story that anyone can connect with. If we can help people experience those stories and those emotions on the other side of a screen, then we've succeeded.


  • We're shooting a ton of RED, primarily the Weapon Dragon 6K and the Raven. When people talk about the storage nightmare, they're just being lazy. If you want to shoot on a certain camera, you'll find a way. Storage is insanely cheap now anyways. That being said, we're continually surprised at the great picture we're getting out of our FS5.
  • My grandma keeps trolling the company Facebook with "clever" posts. Granmama, not now, I'm trying to run a business.

  • We partnered with our favorite DP, Brian Liepe, to finish some fun work for Starbucks/Teavana just in time for summer. That work is now featured on their website.

  • We're filming 3 episodes of a travel show in Southern Italy over the summer. It's a new experience and we think it could open some doors for new outlets where we can do work and tell our stories.
  • Working on videos with small business is just plain fun and rewarding. They don't have out-of-the-park budgets, but who cares? We're becoming better storytellers by listening to their journey, and hopefully, we're helping them sell and be more successful. Check out our latest customer, CreativeU, a paint-and-sip studio in Brighton, Colorado.
  • How's this for burying the lede? We're multiplying. It's been a long time coming. What started as an interesting incident on a film set a dozen years ago, moved through a post-production facility, a brief stint making social media videos for motivational speakers, a weight-loss company and another production company has landed with Chris and I finally joining forces in earnest. With this addition, we add production, audio, editing and motion graphics experience. There's not another person in the world that brings quite the combination of natural talent, personality, humor and grey facial hair to the table. Here's a video of Chris exercising on set. 
Nathan Rich