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Small Business Spotlight - Inks & Drinks

Inks & Drinks hired Honest Films to help them share their story. They wanted to make sure potential customers knew how fun--and how easy their classes were. It's one thing to tell people that in a headline or a Facebook post. It's a whole different thing to show them. We created three different videos to get them there in a few avenues. First, the main video that shows the whole process and gives a deep look into the experience you can expect at a class. Second, we made two short pieces meant specifically for sharing on Facebook and Instagram. These shorter videos still tell the story, but appeal to the shorter attention span we have access to in the social media timeline.

At Honest Films, we're proud to work with companies of all sizes. Global businesses and the shop on Main Street. But we're especially proud to help out the small business owner. Video is an exceptional tool for standing out in an increasingly noisy world and changes in technology have made the high-quality product business owners need available at prices they can afford. But, affordable technology and high-quality footage are only small parts of the equation.  Revealing an authentic story with an honest voice will always be the thing that catches your audience's attention and creates a loyal following. 

If you're in the Denver or Boulder area, please pay a visit to Inks & Drinks. You can choose the painting you'd like to create and pick your class online at www.InksAndDrinksParties.com or find them on Facebook.

Inks & Drinks - Sip. Paint. Create.

Inks & Drinks - Date Night - Social-media-specific blast video

Inks & Drinks - Grab Your Friends - Social-media-specific blast video